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For owner/founder/author Janet Beasley inspiration was found on the journey to publication. Since then she has dreamed of bringing light to the literary world. 

"There is more treasure in books than all the pirate's loot on treasure island."

~ Walt Disney ~

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​JLB Creatives Publishing is bringing light to the literary world by maintaining an unprecedented level of excellence. Communication, first class service, and sincere dedication to our authors and readers are our first priorities. Team enthusiasm, perseverance, and a burning passion for the craft are the fuels that drive us. We excel in educating, inspiring, and leading authors to new horizons. From our own unique blend of experience in both trade and self publishing, our authors' canvases emerge, each painted one word at a time, each enriching the lives of our authors and readers, and each an individual work of art revealing that bit of magic we believe is in every book we publish.
JLB Creatives is a reflection of that very inspiration and dream. They are opening doors for aspiring authors around the world.